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Mix & Match 1/4 oz Selections – Tailor Your Perfect Experience
  • Mix & Match 1/4 oz Selections – Tailor Your Perfect Experience

    Create your personalized cannabis experience with our mix and match options available in 1 oz and 2 oz packages. Choose from a range of 1/4 oz increments across three distinct tiers – Exotic, Top, and Mids – each offering a unique set of strains to suit your preferences and needs. Whether you’re exploring new highs or looking for everyday favorites, our selection is designed to offer unparalleled flexibility and quality.

    Craft your perfect blend today and discover the ultimate in tailored cannabis enjoyment!


    Exotic Tier – The Pinnacle of Potency

    Elevate Your Experience with Exotic Selection!

    Dive into the extraordinary with our Exotic Tier mix and match options. Crafted for the discerning connoisseur, this tier features rare and exquisite strains that promise an unparalleled sensory journey. Each 1/4 oz is a symphony of complex flavors, vibrant aromas, and potent effects, hand-selected for their uniqueness and superior quality.


    • Rare Genetics: Discover strains that push the boundaries of cannabis cultivation.
    • Exceptional Potency: High THC levels for a powerful experience.
    • Artisanal Quality: Meticulously grown and curated for the ultimate indulgence.


    Choose from the Exotic Tier and create your personalized 1 oz or 2 oz assortment. Elevate your stash with a selection that’s as extraordinary as you are.


    Top Tier – Premium Quality, Elevated Highs


    Experience Excellence with Top Tier Selection!

    Step up to our Top Tier mix and match selection for a premium cannabis experience. These 1/4 oz varieties are celebrated for their balanced effects, robust flavors, and impressive potency. Perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and those looking to enhance their cannabis journey, each strain in this tier promises consistency and quality.



    • Top Shelf Strains: Premium genetics known for their reliability and superior performance.
    • Balanced Potency: Optimal THC levels for a gratifying high without overwhelming intensity.
    • Distinct Flavors: Enjoy a range of terpene profiles that deliver rich, memorable experiences.


    Craft your ideal 1 oz or 2 oz mix from our Top Tier, and savor the excellence in every selection.


    Mids Tier – Affordable Variety, Everyday Enjoyment


    Discover Value with Mids Tier Selection!

    Embrace the everyday with our Mids Tier mix and match options. This tier offers a selection of reliable and enjoyable strains in 1/4 oz increments, perfect for those seeking quality without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a casual user or looking for daily strains, Mids provide a great balance of affordability and satisfaction.


    • Reliable Strains: Dependable genetics for consistent experiences.
    • Moderate Potency: Perfect for everyday use, with balanced effects.
    • Great Value: Enjoy quality cannabis at an accessible price point.

    Mix and match your 1 oz or 2 oz assortment from the Mids Tier and enjoy a variety that fits your lifestyle and budget.


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