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New York State of High

N . Y . S . O . H

Buy High Quality Cannabis Products

Connecting you with a full range of high quality cannabis products, and delivering unmatched customer service every time!

80% of our plants are chosen for their medicinal and healing properties.

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Special Offers


Our mission is to challenge norms and dismantle outdated stigmas, and empower consumers through comprehensive education.


We aim for our patrons to feel empowered with a thorough understanding of cannabis - Its varied strains, product range, effects and the underlying science. 

Why Choose NYSOH?

New York State of High is not just another cannabis retailer - we are a mission-driven organization committed to transforming the cannabis industry.


Grounded in total respect for our plants,  our focus lies in educating our customers about the therapeutic advantages of cannabis and its diverse applications for enhancing wellness and overall quality of life.

Essential Items

Grape Gods Hash Rosin Pods


Stay relaxed and enjoy the latest selection of cartridges offering a wide variety of choices.



Looking for pure rocks and sugars? Look no further – our selection of concentrates speaks for itself.

Cannabis Flowers


Keeping it natural? Explore a range of high-quality flower packs available for your selection.


NY's Leading Delivery Crew

Our drivers are ready to provide discreet and reliable delivery of the highest quality cannabis products you can find anywhere.
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See what our loyal customers have to say about our services

Nice hybrid...both head and Body buzz..has an Indica lean...but you won't get sleepy


Surprisingly heady for an Indica leaning strain. I'm definitely not complaining but I am definitely recommending. Enjoy 😁


Great strain! Great head tingles without paranoia. Very on point with getting tasks done. Great reups too. Once it wears off, the mind is tired though and some rest is due :-)


Perhaps the tastiest bud I've ever smoked. Incredible flavor, lit the piece once and a smooth burn to the end. Excellent buzz that is soaring and long lasting. Got this from the heirloom collective and its fire 🔥


Very good strain.  Definitely a heady high, as described, pretty much couchlocked, though a good happy chill


This flower does exactly what it details. You will not regret it.  Great Smoke!!




🚀 Embark on a Sensory Odyssey: At NYSOH, we believe in the power of cannabis to unlock new dimensions of your senses. Our collection of curated strains is a testament to the diversity of experiences waiting to be discovered. From the smooth and mellow to the bold and exhilarating, we've handpicked each bud to ensure your journey is nothing short of extraordinary.
Image by Felipe Vieira

Explore the Collection

Our carefully curated selection has something for everyone. See all the Cannabis collections available.

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For ordering, product concern, and other inquiries, kindly submit a form or phone us directly through:

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